Induction Motor

Induction motors are used to convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is the basic component of nearly all the machines. We cannot imagine our worldwithout motors.

Motors are everywhere around us, wasting tremendous amount of unnecessaryelectricity, due to some fundamental flaws.

You will be amazed to know that Motors consume 50 % of the whole Electricity produced by the entire world.


When we convertelectrical energy into mechanical energy, quite sensible amount of electrical energy goes into wastages in the form of heat, vibration, electromagnetic losses, noise etc. moreover motor is producing more energy thanit isrequired to do a job. Approximately I 80% of the motors, power requirement changesconstantly.this factor is known as load variation. Unfortunately our motors do not have such intelligence to adopt such variations in load. This can be explained in the following illustration

Let us consider the example of escalator installed a shoppingmall which is derived by an induction motor. The capacity of the motor is selected to insure smooth operation to move upward with two over normal sized persons per step. My question is, how often you see this scene? Probablyone or two times in busy weekends.

Actually the problem lies here….. The motor has no brain to estimate how much the load (persons) is. As the result, huge amount of costly electricity is being wasted.

But the story does not end here…..the engineer whilst choosing the size of motor is always cautious and select the oversized motor just ‘’ to be on Safe side’’. Now we have oversized motor by design, which is to work harder than it is needed to be. What can we expect other than to waste a huge amount of electricity?

The basis on which Intelligent Motor Controller is so effective is:

Motor loses efficiencyrapidly when working at less than 50% of rated capacity. Motor torque is directly proportional to the square of applied voltage. Adjustment in the voltage reduces the power triangle area. By reducing the area of power triangle, energy consumption is reduced. How does ESS Solve this problem?

Intelligent motor controller from ESS provides all the solutions our clients needed, simply by giving motor the intelligence, which enables it to change the output of power to match accurately with the power needed to drive variable load, attached to it.

How does this change the whole scenario? Going back to the escalator…imagine a solution that could automatically resize the motor and provide accurately, the exact amount of power needed to move the escalator while maintaining same constant speed. This means the motor will use exactly the power needed, when each step is loaded with above averageweight people, or only a single person have to move upward. The motor controller will recognise the load andwill make sure the motor only draw the correct amount of energy to do the assigned job. The result… is nothing but a huge amounts of energythat has been wasted is eliminated, saving client’s money, and co2 emissions whilst increasing the life of the equipment, because no more electrical energy is transferring into Noise, Heat and Vibration, which dramatically reduces the life of equipment.

Now, if you have a motor with varying load, at constant speed, over capacity, draw high inrush current? Then you need our solution.

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